About the Peace Corner

The Peace Corner Associate Board


The Associate Board is comprised of young adults who want to assist The Peace Corner’s mission to further empower the young people on the Westside of Chicago. The Peace Corner Associate Board provides young professionals the opportunity to work with one another for the greater good of a disadvantaged Chicago community. The Peace Corner Youth Center relies on its Associate Board to help generate revenue, contacts, awareness and publicity.

Committees and Membership

The Associate Board has three distinct levels of membership: Core Members, Board Members and Friends of the Board. Besides these three core memberships, Associate Board Members can form committees to plan events, marketing campaigns, or any other idea that board members wish.

Core Members of the Board


Core Board Members assume leadership roles within The Associate Board. Core Members must first serve as a regular Board Member for one year. Core Members. Besides attending regular Associate Board Meetings and events, Core Members ensure that The Associate Board runs smootly, is effective, and works for the greater good of The Peace Corner Youth Center

Board Members

Board Members attend board meetings and help plan and organize events. Board Members also serve on at least one committee. Board Members are the heart of The Associate Board and are dedicated to the mission of The Peace Corner Youth Center.

Friends of the Board

Friends of the Board attend fundraisers, events, cocktail events, and participate whenever they are available. Friends of the board have no voting power and are not required to attend core/board member internal meetings.

Expectations for Board Members


To be a Board Member of The Peace Corner Associate Board, the following expectations are as follows:

  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 33.
  • Help create awareness for The Peace Corner.
  • Must have a degree from an accredited college, university of institution.
  • Must volunteer one afternoon at the Peace Corner and assist The Peace Corner in servicing the kids from the neighborhood.

Becoming a Board Member

To learn more about becoming an associate board member, contact Associate Board Chairman Bob Zwolinski at associateboard@thepeacecorner.org or (630) 632-7440.

To apply, fill out the our application form:

Our Programs

When I need help with my homework after school I can come here, and there are sports and activities.

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