About the Peace Corner

Chicago’s Austin Neighborhood

Chicago’s second largest community area both by population and by land area, Austin was originally neighboring Cicero Township’s seat of government before it was annexed by Chicago in 1899. It is bordered by Chicago Avenue to the north, Austin Boulevard to the west, Roosevelt Road to the south and Cicero Avenue to the east. The former town hall was modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and survives today as one of Austin’s most well known landmarks. The neighborhood is also home to the Jens Jensen-designed Columbus Park, which features a waterfall, lagoons, golf course and Prairie-style refectory which was originally an ornate dining hall and is now used for special events.

The Austin neighborhood is poised to experience community revitalization, as Mayor Lori Lightfoot committed a multi-million dollar infrastructure investment to the area in October 2019. The Peace Corner is well positioned in the community, just west of Cicero on Madison Street, and aims to provide opportunity for the area’s youth in sync with other efforts in the area.


Austin City of Chicago
Total Population 94,762 2,718,555
Total Households 32,222 1,056,118
Average Household Size 2.92.6
Accessible Park Acreage per 1,000 residents 0.7 2.4

Austin Chicago
Count Percent Count Percent
Household Income
Less than $25,000 12,629 39.2 268,473 25.4
$25,000 to $49,999 8,153 25.3 216,679 20.5
$50,000 to $74,999 4,699 14.6 164,412 15.6
$75,000 to $99,999 2,520 7.8 115,913 11.0
$100,000 to $149,999 3,019 9.4 139,715 13.2
$150,000 and over 1,202 3.7 150,926 14.3

Austin Chicago
Count Percent Count Percent
Household Size
1 person 10,585 32.9 388,701 36.8
2 people 8,388 26.0 311,495 29.5
3 people 5,477 17.0 147,178 13.9
4 or more people 7,772 24.1 208,744 19.8

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