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There are many ways to support the Peace Corner, from monetary donations to becoming a volunteer.

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Our Generous Supporters

We would like to thank the many wonderful foundations and donors who have helped us get to where we are today.

  • Advocate Bethany Fund
  • Raskob Foundation
  • The Dewan Foundation
  • Col. Stanley McNeil Foundation
  • Illinois Violence Prevention Fund
  • William McGowan Fund
  • Northern Trust Centennial Fund
  • Bank of America Foundation
  • Helen Brach Foundation
  • Racine Dominican Mission Fund
  • Beatrice P. Delany Charitable Trust
  • A. Montgomery Ward Foundation
  • Henrietta Lange Burk Fund
  • Jackson Financial
  • Retirement Research Fund
  • The Frank Lewis Foundation
  • Maurice and Meta Gross Foundation
  • John R. Houlsby Foundation
  • The Chaddick Foundation
  • Illinois Youth Recreational Corp
  • The Springboard Foundation
  • Fred G. Brunner Foundation
  • Opler Foundation
  • Donald P. & Byrd M. Kelly Foundation
  • The Frontier Foundation
  • The Donley Foundation
  • The Mazza Foundation
  • George M. Eisenberg Foundation
  • Comboni Missionaries
  • Lynch Foundation
  • Little Angel Foundation
  • Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation
  • Bessmer Trust
  • The Irvin Stern Foundation
  • The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust

Our Programs

Did You Know?

1,462 hours of community service were given back to the Peace Corner in 2013 by volunteers from various colleges and professional organizations.