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There are many ways to support the Peace Corner, from monetary donations to becoming a volunteer.

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Our Generous Supporters

We would like to thank the many wonderful foundations and donors who have helped us get to where we are today.

  • Advocate Bethany Fund
  • Raskob Foundation
  • The Dewan Foundation
  • Col. Stanley McNeil Foundation
  • Illinois Violence Prevention Fund
  • William McGowan Fund
  • Northern Trust Centennial Fund
  • Bank of America Foundation
  • Helen Brach Foundation
  • Racine Dominican Mission Fund
  • Beatrice P. Delany Charitable Trust
  • A. Montgomery Ward Foundation
  • Henrietta Lange Burk Fund
  • Jackson Financial
  • Retirement Research Fund
  • The Frank Lewis Foundation
  • Maurice and Meta Gross Foundation
  • John R. Houlsby Foundation
  • The Chaddick Foundation
  • Illinois Youth Recreational Corp
  • The Springboard Foundation
  • Fred G. Brunner Foundation
  • Opler Foundation
  • Donald P. & Byrd M. Kelly Foundation
  • The Frontier Foundation
  • The Donley Foundation
  • The Mazza Foundation
  • George M. Eisenberg Foundation
  • Comboni Missionaries
  • Lynch Foundation
  • Little Angel Foundation
  • Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation
  • Bessmer Trust
  • The Irvin Stern Foundation
  • The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust

Our Programs

The reason I like the Peace Corner Youth Center is because it gives us a safe place to go after school instead of hanging out on the streets.

PCYC Participant