Programs at the Peace Corner


The Peace Corner Youth Center offers services that help disadvantaged youth stay on a positive track. We offer legal services, transportation assistance, mediation support, conflict resolution support, housing referrals, neutral ground, and ex-juvenile detention services.

The Peace Corner makes sure that kids from all over the neighborhood become aware of who were are, where we are and what we can do for them. Staff spends time in the neighborhood communicating with families and coordinating transportation so that youth have access to our facilities.

We offer support and mentoring for youth required to do community service hours from the Juvenile Department of Corrections. Our staff coordinates with correctional officers, provides supervision, mentoring and information to the youth. Many youth who are required to do community service hours attend our after school program or Career Development classes after their required hours are fulfilled.

The Peace Corner is dedicated to making youth aware that there is an alternative to drug dealing and gang life. Staff members from the community work with area youth to provide information, support and assistance with the challenges that drove them to think drug dealing was the only answer to their problems.


Our Programs

I come to the Peace Corner to get my homework done, stay out of trouble and get help with my business classes.

PCYC Participant