Programs at the Peace Corner

After School Programming

The Peace Corner Youth Center offers after school programming for youth ages 8-18. Exact hours will depend on the CPS dismissal time; programs typically operate from 3:00pm-6:00pm Monday through Friday. Students begin their time here with a nutritious snack, followed by required homework completion. Students then transition to structured activities. Themes include: life skills such as stress management techniques; academic enrichment; arts and culture; hobbies, and sports. The Peace Corner creatively utilizes our facility including on-site computer lab, classrooms, and multi-purpose gym.

After School Program Goals for Youth

  • Actively engage in learning, strive to do well in school, and be optimistic about a personal future.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits and refrain from risk-taking behaviors.
  • Seek opportunities to try and develop new skills, build friendships, and participate in culturally enriching experiences.
  • Develop positive relationships with caring adults, seek support with decision making especially in times of personal stress.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to a community and an awareness of personal responsibility to that community.

Our Programs

You never know what’s gonna go on that day, or what kind of challenges face you, or what kind of celebrations are gonna happen when somebody achieves a goal they’ve been working on.

PCYC Volunteer