Programs at the Peace Corner

Amani Leadership Program for 5th Graders

The Amani Leadership is a transformative initiative for students in the 5th grade, designed to equip your child with the tools and mentorship needed to navigate the challenges of middle school and beyond. Through engaging cohort sessions twice a week, our dedicated mentors will empower participants with essential life skills, character building, and leadership development. This program isn’t just about preparing for the future; it’s about thriving in the present.

A Glimpse into the Amani Leadership Program Experience

We understand that raising a child is a beautiful, and sometimes challenging, journey filled with dreams for your child’s future. As they navigate their way through middle school, it’s only natural to want them to have the tools to conquer challenges and embrace opportunities. 

Picture this:

✅ Our experienced mentors guiding your child through middle school, ensuring they stay on the path to success.

✅ A safe after-school haven, where your child can kick back, have a blast, and connect with amazing peers.

✅ Amazing field trips exploring Chicago’s wonders, from museums to the great outdoors – creating unforgettable memories.

✅ Creative art and music projects that let their talents shine in a supportive space.

✅ Hands-on STEM learning adventures to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

✅ Inspirational guest speakers from entrepreneurs to scientists, artists, and more, helping your child carve their unique path.

✅ Wrap-around family support, because your family’s emotional growth matters to us. Our licensed clinician and partners are here for you.

BONUS: We are pleased to offer transportation from partner school locations to the Peace Corner*, making participation even more accessible.

Our program blends fun and interactive learning to nurture resilience, adaptability, and a powerful sense of self. From making smart decisions to excelling academically, the Amani Leadership Program shapes well-rounded individuals ready to excel.


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I love the Peace Corner because I never had a place to come when I was a little kid, and it’s helping me now become a better man.

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